Zey the Mouse Stop Motion

I stumbled across a nice series on Youtube called Zey the Mouse stop motion claymation recently and decided to dig a little deeper. It turns out that the series is created by animator called Ian Harding from the UK. He first developed “Zey the Mouse” stop motion series back in January 2012. Since then Ian has published 5 episodes. His characters are made of Fimo clay and wire joints.

Zey the Mouse Stop Motion

Zey the Mouse

All the clothes are hand made as are the sets. Ian uses paper, card, foam board, metal , plastics, paints and felt. All typography and graphics on the sets and character are also hand drawn.


Technology used in the Series

Ian uses a Nikon DSLR for image capture. The software he uses is stop motion pro 7 with post production in windows movie maker. For sound effects and music he uses a phantom keyboard.

My favourite Episode

I have chosen Episode 4 from Zey the Mouse Stop Motion below to demonstrate how much effort Ian has put in to sets and characters.

The video description describes the story.

“A brand new episode of Zey and friend’s! The gang visit London and Big Ben, for Clara Cat’s birthday, they encounter a thief on the underground tube train, and go after him. The thief has big problems where he lives in Africa, and thinks Mr. Scottie’s briefcase has secret documents inside or does it? The trip becomes an ordeal and a save the day! The film includes hand made sets of London Westminster platform, Tube Train, Escalator’s, Big Ben, and inside of House’s of Parliament and an office. Lot’s of new characters. 1 year in the making of the film, hope you all enjoy? 🙂 The characters are made from fimo clay and have hand made clothes.”

Zey The Mouse

Zey The Mouse - Ep 4. Clara's Birthday

Zey has appeared on TV News, Radio stations, A magazine, lots of newspapers, and has had exhibitions.

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