Stop Motion Walk Cycles

Here are my top 6 favourite stop motion walk cycles online.

Stop Motion Walk Cycles are plentiful on the internet, some better than others. So in no particular order of preference because everyone has their own preference, here is my top 6 stop motion brickfilm walking tutorials. I am focusing on LEGO Stop Motion Walk Cycles in this instance. We’ll cover other forms of animation at a later point on stopmotioncentral.

Nathan Wells is a well respected brickfilmer. I would say if I have a favourite walk cycle it would be his one.

Basic Animation – Walk Cycle – Bricks in Motion

Basic Animation - Walk Cycle - Bricks in Motion

Airquest4 has a step by step version with text for both running and walking at 12 and 15 fps.

LEGO Stop Motion Movement Tutorial

LEGO Stop Motion Movement Tutorial

JurassicBrickProductions gives an excellent tutorial here on running (rather than walking ) and also talks about the importance of “ease in and ease out” as he calls it in stop motion. It’s well worth checking out this one.

Brickfilm – Basic Run Cycles

Brickfilm - Basic Run Cycles

BrickCommanderStudios steps you through Lego run and walk cycles here. His channel also has some other useful tutorials for those starting out.

LEGO Walk and Run Cycle

LEGO Walk and Run Cycle

Doug Vandegrift has a very excellent tutorial on a number of methods for walking cycles.

LEGO Walk Cycle

LEGO Walk Cycle

I would advise you to try a few of the different exercises shown above and find one that suits your needs. Doug’s version is in my opinion the best one to aspire to however some say his running cycle looks a little bit like skiing. I wouldn’t agree but it’s up to you.

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