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A Pennsylvania based artist named Bedrosian Peterson has produced a beautiful stop motion film titled “Under the Walnut Tree”.

The stop motion film’s plot was inspired by real life experiences of an Armenian revolutionary and writer called Shahan Natalie. As a child Shahan experienced the Hamidian Massacres in the late 19th century. This is was precursor to the later more recent Armenian Genocide. The film maker Bedrosian, who chairs the Communication Department at Lycoming College, was moved by the events that Natalie went through as a child and recognizing parallels between his experiences and current international events.

Under the Walnut Tree

Trailer of Under the Walnut Tree

Character design and construction: Leah Bedrosian Peterson

Set design and construction: Leah Bedrosian Peterson and Gabriela Burch
Lead Costume design and construction: Gabriela Burch
Assistant Costume Construction: Geena Woodley
Special Effects and Motion Graphics: Brianne Charnigo
Written by: Maria Hebert-Leiter
Translation: Vartan Matiossian
Narration: Charles Garoian
Credit Music: Hooshere

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Under the walnut tree stop motion news

A beautiful still from Under the Walnut Tree


Some facts about Leah Bedrosian Peterson

Peterson is a multimedia artist, associate professor of film and video arts at Lycoming College, PA, USA. This is her first stop motion animation film. The film has received recognition at multiple national film festivals. The animated film, which was made in part with funds gifted through a Lycoming College Professional Development Grant, was officially selected for screening at the Atlanta Shortfest, the Austin Spotlight Film Festival, and the Florida Animation Festival where it won first place as the audience favorite. In addition, “Under the Walnut Tree” was chosen as a finalist with onscreen recognition in the DaVinci International Film Festival and as semi-finalist at both Animayo, an Oscar qualifying festival, and the Los Angeles CineFest

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