Stikfas Stop Motion

Stikfas Stop Motion

Never heard of Stikfas Stop Motion ? Well STIKFAS are 3.25″ (80 mm) model assembly figures/toys. Some come pre-built/ premade while others you have to assemble yourself. Once assembled you can be customize them with stickers

stikfas stop motion

Stikfas stop motion

and different pieces such as guns or swords or hats. The design principle behind a STIKFAS is that all of the joints are ball/socket thus allowing you to set them up in various poses. Its this pose ability that makes them suited to stikfas stop motion animation. The figures are very light so you can be stuck down with either blue tack or if alternatively drill a hole in their feet and screw them down. Also Stikfas  have small square notches on their bodies which allow for magnets to be inserted. These notches are found on the upper legs, feet and upper body section. The curved U shaped hands are also the same diameter as the notches. Once inserted into any of these areas, the magnets help the Stikfas to be posed while adhered to a magnetic surface so they won’t fall over when making your stikfas stop motion animation.

The phrase / word “Stikfamation” is used to refer to stop motion animation with stikfas.
Stikfas versus LEGO’s
stikfas stop motion

Stikfas Stop Motion – Easy Placement

While stikfas are good for stop motion animation they have not caught on as well as LEGO minifigures or clay character for example as evidenced by stop motion animators YouTube uploads. Notwithstanding this we would still recommend they are worth trying as they are ready to use and easy to work with in general. Occasionally we noticed however that they ball and socket joints can become loose and even crack when used over a period of time for stop motion. This is most likely caused by repeated manipulation something which Stikfas are not designed.

Some stop motion animators have covered stikfas in clay. This is a cheap alternative to steel armature which is often outside the budget of young animators. This works quite well if done properly. Use an oil based clay for best flexibility.

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