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Under the Walnut Tree

Trailer of Under the Walnut Tree

With an unbelievable 45 millions views on Youtube – Guldies published this FANTASIA stop motion animation in August 2016.
The description can be read below the video. WARNING – Not to be viewed by the faint hearted.

WARNING – Scare Alert

WARNING - Scariest Claymation out there

Quote from Guldes below :

This is why small children ask for candy.

No candy for the monsters you say? Ooooh you gonna have a bad time. I love you guys. You have been so patient. I have been so patient.

This took a lot of effort. I wanted every frame to work with the next one. I didn’t rush this. I am SO proud of it. I really hope it brings you joy and happiness, even if it’s a story about a monster harassing a small boy. Ask me anything about this project and I will try to ANSWER everything! Is the monster real? No one knows but the boy. 2700 handcrafted still pictures in 18 FPS, shot with a Canon EOS 600D. Animated with Dragonframe, and edited with Sony Vegas Pro. Super Sculpey and Cernit clay was mainly used. The house was built out of foam board and then painted with acrylic paint. Music made by Jonathan Chau. Sound effects recorded by me with a Blue Yeti microphone AND downloaded from freesound(dot)org.

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