Stop Motion Tutorials

We’re working on bringing you some helpful tutorials on how to make a stop motion animations better and more fun. Here are a few things to get you started. Lighting for Stop Motion – Probably the most important aspect of stop motion tutorials is learning how to light your set correctly. Best Cameras for Stop Motion – Whether  you are an expert or a beginner there may be something here for you – We advise you on whether to use or DSLR or a Webcam or even your phone in  this section. Free and Best Stop Motion Software  – Choose the best animation maker software for your budget and expertise levels How to make a stop motion

Get started with the basics – for example how to make your lego minifigure walk. Check this page for details – Minifig walk cycles for stop motion

One of the most important and often overlooked tricks and tips when starting out with stop motion is  LIGHTING. Find out how to properly light your set and characters here.

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