AnimatorDV Review

AnimatorDV Review

Our Rating: ****  (Very Good)

Animator DV comes in 4 different versions depending on your animation needs. There is a free version called Animator DV Simple+ which has the basic frame grabbing features to allow you to capture still images. There are three further versions Educational/Personal at 199 Euro (350 USD approx.) , Professional+ at 699 Euro and Film Producer at 1499 Euro.

The standard edition and above has a lot more features if not all the features practically that a semi pro or professional animator might need.

AnimatorDV ReviewLearning Curve

For beginners the learning curve is not steep for the Simple+ version.

Other features of the application worth mentioning include a time lapse capture and  onionskinning.

A completed animation can be exported to AVI only for the Simple+ version.

Pricing table taken from the AnimatorDV website April 2018

For Mac users the publishers recommend (vmWare ) the Boot Camp or Fusion 

The system supports following features:

– DSLR Cameras, incl. Canon and Nikon Live View – 3D stereo shooting
– webcams and other capture devices
– onion skin
– step to live
– X-Sheet with variants
– RAM Player (with live frame)
– Export to After Effects
– and more


Publisher Wróblewski multimedia
File Size 5Mb Free Version (Simple+ Version)
Version 9 (Simple+ )  10.5 all other versions
Last updated Not known
License $25 to  $300  to buy depending on version
Windows 7 ,8 ,10
Requirements None

Please note: IN DEMO ONLY! 
Watermark in grabbed frames. Difference Key, Chroma Key and Background Mode limited to 1 min.

The full version is without any watermarks, time limitations, lines etc.

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