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stop-frame animation software ikitmovie



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iKITMovie Stop Motion software


Our Rating: *****  (Excellent)  - Recommended

iKITMovie 4 is available as a single License for home users or a School / site license.

It is unique in that it has a sound databank of 2,200 sounds and some music built in to the package. You can also add to this databank of sounds with your own sounds. Voiceover is also a function available from within the interface.

So you can add as many sounds, music and voiceover to the animation without leaving the interface or exporting to a third party application. We liked this application for this feature alone.

Version 4 now has Chroma Key / Greenscreen / Overlay and Rig removal features. You can add still images to your backgrounds or video. They include a library of images and videos for you to use. You can also add your own images and video in mp4 format. Of all the stop motion software packages out there we found the chromakey /greenscreen in iKIT the easiest and most effective at this level.The screenshot above shows how we replaced the greenscreen behind our lego character with one of the included alien video scenes. It looked great. Just avoid any shadows being cast on your screen and you will be impressed with the results. The software allows you to choose up to 3 colors to key out. The overlay feature allows you to add explosions, gun muzzle flashes , mouth overlays ( to make you lego minifig talk), rain, snow , fire and more.


Again impressive for stop motion software in this price range for new comers to stop motion. There is a free trial available to test out the features and some sound examples. The full version has all the sounds and features to use. Reviewed - April 2017




For beginners the learning curve is very low making it very easy for anyone to get up and running quickly.

A completed animation can be exported to  . MP4  for upload on to popular video sites such as Youtube. Either way this application is  a great way to make stop motion animation movies.




Publisher iKITMovie
File Size 250Mb Trial Version
Version 1
Last updated April, 2017

Free Trial, $ 69 Full Version 

$89 for KIT - Software and Webcam ( with manual focus - useful feature )

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 or 8 or 10 ( 32 or 64 bit  )
Requirements 2 GB RAM , 512 MB Video RAM, 1024x768 screen resolution
Trial Limitations Watermarked Frames  on export - Limited   Sounds -10 runs 20 minutes each



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