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Stop Motion Central Best Software

Recommendations on the Best Software to use for your stop motion Animation.


Stop Motion Pro V6

Our Rating: ****  (Very Good)

Stop Motion Pro comes in a number of different flavours depending on your animation needs. The Junior version has less features than the standard or Studio versions for example. The Junior version does not have digital camera support or rotoscope. It is also limited to  a maximum resolution setting of 800x600 and no more than 15fps playback. However this should not be a huge disadvantage to non-professional animators.

The standard edition and above has a lot more features if not all the features practically that a semi pro or professional animator might need.

Learning Curve

For beginners the learning curve is moderately steep. In particular the sound synchronisation tool takes some getting to grips with according to our amateur testers. However once mastered it is accurate and consistent in its results.

Other features of the application worth mentioning include a frame editor, automatic time lapse capture, onionskinning, as well as Chromakey.

A completed animation can be exported to AVI or MPEG 1 format.


Pricing table taken from the SMP website April 2008


Publisher Stop Motion Pro
File Size 10.2Mb Trial Version (Junior)
Version 6
Last updated Nov 13, 2007
License Free Trial, See Pricing table above
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Requirements None
Trial Limitations 20 sessions, up to 180 min. each. Watermark




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