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Recommendations on the Best Software to use for your stop motion Animation.


Animaatiokone 1.1.0


Our Rating: ****  (Very Good)

The version tested was tested on Windows XP© as the version for Vista that was available as of April 2008 would only run in safe mode without sound on Vista. So if you are looking for a package that runs on Vista then you should check their site to see that the full Vista version is available.

This is a no frills stop motion animation program. It cuts down on the number of features you find in many other programs but does was it does very well indeed. The onionskinning feature for example is one of the best we've seen. Also the layout is more intuitive than many other programs in its class making it more accessible to those new to the hobby or art of stop motion animation. The tools and buttons are all clear and distinctive. Also the timeline feature seen in the "more screenshots" page in this section is a very nice feature for those new to animation.


 The version reviewed ( 1.1.0 ) will not run on Vista. There is however a Studio version in beta available which will run on Vista on safe mode but with no sound capability.


Learning Curve

For beginners the learning curve is not steep at all, in fact of the packages reviewed it is the easiest to get to grips with for beginners.

Other features of the application worth mentioning include overdub sound and "live"


  • A clear interface Design

  • Instant Preview

  • Basic Lip Sync

  • Import pre-mixed audio track as a base for animation.

  • Frame Flipping - This means you can using the mouse scroll the animation back and forth.

  • Export your animation as AVI file

  • Support for webcam, DV or analog camera.



Publisher Animaatiokone Industries
File Size 1.9 Mb  Ver 1.1.0  or  16.8 Mb Ver 1.2.1 Beta (April 2008)
Version 1.1.0
Last updated Not known
License Single Machine License
79 € (incl. VAT)
Converted price: £55 or $99


Academic Site License
499 € (incl. VAT)
Converted price: £339 or $639

Windows 2000/XP  ( Full VISTA Support pending - April 2008 )
Requirements PC running Windows 2000 / XP
Intel Pentium III 1000 Mhz, or compatible
256 MB RAM (or minimum OS requirement whichever is higher)
500 MB (200 MB free hard drive space for software + 550 MB/min for captured frames 640x480@10 frames/sec)
CD-ROM drive
Video for Windows compatible camera (USB, DV, Analog)
DirectX 8 compatible display adapter
Desktop: 32 bit color depth
Trial Limitations 30 Day trial




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