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Re: Best StopMo Software

Postby tedles » Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:27 am

don't use monkey jam, it messes up when every you try to add sound and frankly it just is'nt that good.
I use ZU3D, it's really cool and easy to use.
it comes with infinate sound tracks, effects and lot's of cool features such as holding frames, playing a sieries oof frames backward by selecting them (usefull for making a talking loop look smoot and not jump.)
I use an older version of it, but I hear the newer version has even more stuff and green screening.
aardman helped make it and they recomend it, as do I, ho;pe this helped :D
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Re: Best StopMo Software

Postby camo » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:19 pm

janravengalvez1 wrote:Must we use our camera connected on our computer for MonkeyJam? Or can we import pictures on our Cellphones/hand phone to MonkeyJam? I did the second option. But when I posted to youtube, it says on the video: The video you have requested is not available.

Yes, MonkeyJam will allow you to import jpegs from a digital camera or cellphone. You just have to put your pictures into a folder on your desktop first, then you can upload into MonkeyJam from there. However, like Tedles pointed out, MonkeyJam is not that sound friendly. I have gotten sound files to work, but when you add a sound file to MonkeyJam, it can get buggy. I usually make a silent avi clip of my jpegs with MonkeyJam and then add sound later in Virtual Dub or Windows Movie Maker (both free) during the editing process. There is some similar freeware called "StopIt", but you can't add sound. It renders much faster than MonkeyJam does though. You can find StopIt here:
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Re: Best StopMo Software

Postby Steinvorth » Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:58 am

I know an app in iphone app store named Stop-Motion.
It's the best one I ever used.
the link:, try.
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