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Postby gundamfop » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:31 pm

Multiquence is a cheap (but pretty good) movie maker created by a company called goldwave. It was created for windows xp, and should be compatible with the xp compatible mode of windows 7. First the good points. 1. the cost, its only $40 and you can try it for free with a watermark and a few limitations. you can find it at 2. it can zoom in as small as one second, and is fairly user friendly and easy to navigate. I use this program for all of my animations, in particular the lipsyching and sound mixing. you can add an unlimited number of layers, or tracks. being able to zoom in on such a small measure of time is huge for me with the lip synching of my gi joes.

downisdes: as its been out a while, its a little outdated, there are a lot of options for the video encoder and that took me a while to figure out. its chroma keying ability is ...quite terrible, black is the only color i really got to work decent...and even then...... 2. it doesnt have a lot of extra features, no credits maker, special effects, etc. but for $40 you get one good limitless tracks movie maker. its good for the money vs a $100-1000 movie maker, that wont work well with stopmotions.

if you got an xp, and High definition is not a major focus, get it. its great for the animator on a budget. I've never regreted buying it.
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