using both a green and a blue screen

using both a green and a blue screen

Postby TargetSlayer » Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:35 am

Is this common, and is there a best free download for altering the color you run as green (or otherwise) screen background work for claymation or etc... so
I can change the color? That way I could have a blue screen embedded in a green screen and just run the filtering/backgroound-adding process twice.

I want to film my clay news anchor-man and his desk to be in front of a green screen for the studio background, WITH and blue rectangle hovering in the middle of the green as a news image window behind the anchorman, embedded in the studio background (as to look intentionally hovering there, as if the studio was real and the blue screen was their green screen etc.).
Is this two colored screens approach used? I only need to be able to custom tweak the screen omission color to green OR blue etc, and maybe hue tolerances so I can
hover things with green clay supports.
?Thanks in advance - Jeff
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