a desperate search.

a desperate search.

Postby Luk » Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:45 am

Hello everyone, I am new here, I registered to this forum hoping for the help to find again a stop motion movie I've seen years ago and I can't remember the title and the author of it.
I just remember that:
-it was (I guess) from the 70's.
-it featured a character who appeared like a vulnerable and fragile little guy with big eyes (?). it was an european production.
-I remember that there was a kind of creepy lab where there were jars with human parts that were kept alive agains their will (in fact, in one scene, they "ask" to the main character to be "switched off" to be allowed to rest and set free).
-there was a kind of little (ugly but cute) bionic dragon that was able to crawl, that little dragon die soon by the hands of kind of primitive people at the exit of a tunnel coming out form the creepy lab.
-I am not sure about this but I remember that there was also real live actors in the stop motion as well. I might be wrong and mixing memories.

The movie was awesome and I think it is something famous, at least among who are enthusiast about stop motion.
I thank you all for the help, hoping that my request here would not be inappropriate.
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