Is There Such Software

Is There Such Software

Postby bigreid » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:33 pm


My brother is a contractor, and has hired me for media relations, dealing with his work.

The majority of what I do, deals with morphing between before, and after shots, both photo, and video.

I need a software, that I can take, on location, via laptop etc, so that I can, "onion skin" not only images, but video, so that my, before, and after shots, line up as perfect as possible, for more smoother transitions.

I'm more than familiar with all of the, "stop action" type software out there, that do "onion skinning", but I do not believe any of them can work with, "in the field" type live feeds, to base the "onion skinning" off of.

As a final explanation to what I seek:

As an example, for photo, I take a "before" shot of the West side of a house, and 6 months later, I want to go back for the "after" shot, and be at the same location, angle, etc, so that the transitions will fade a lot nicer. This is where the, "in the field" onion skining would come in.

I would be able to look at the laptop, bring up the "before" shot, and overlay the "live" feed over top of it, to align the camera.

The key is, I need the software to work like that for images, AND video. Of course the video aspect can be a frozen frame of video, just as a "line up" reference.

Is there such software?

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