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so.... fellow animators, I need your advice. I have been doing animation for about 4 years, with a series on youtube. I use reveal 100 watt light bulbs for my lighting, with many lamps for a good coverage for my lighting. it gives the effect of daylight quite well. Here's the bad news, as many of you know, the U.S. government has forced the discontinuation of said light bulbs, starting with the 100 watts, and slowly all the others will be phased out as well. What can I replace my system with. Currently I like my system a lot. and Im going to order a crap-load of these light bulbs, hopefully a few years worth. but even then....the day will come.

What do you guys light your movie sets/studios with?? what do you recommend.

here is tour of my current studio, it might not be the best light set up, but im grateful for it, and proud of it. You can see a glimpse of the current light setup in the opening minute of the video. :P

thanks for the help fellow animators.
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