Attaching felt mouths to solid head

Attaching felt mouths to solid head

Postby sjws1888 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:13 am


I am making a puppet for a stop motion animated film. The puppet's head will be made of balsa wood and/or foam - this hasn't yet been fully worked out, but either way it will have a painted finish.
I'm going to stick a mouth on the front of the head, the mouth will be cut out of felt. The lip sync will be done with replacement felt mouths i.e. by removing the mouth each frame and sticking on a differently shaped one.
Therefore I need to come up with a way to attach the mouth to the front of the head. I will need to be able to easily remove the mouth, without pulling had at it very hard, which is likely to move the puppet and spoil the animation, but the mouth also needs to attach securely enough so that it won't move or fall off.
I guess I could try a fairly week non-setting glue, but that is likely to result in lots of sticky felt-fluff all over the front of the head.

Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to attach the mouth?

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