Little Boxes (Lego Stop-motion music video)

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Little Boxes (Lego Stop-motion music video)

Postby brianfitzy » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:39 pm

Hey SMC, I recorded a version of the song Little Boxes (some of you may know it as the theme from Weeds). I felt that Lego stop-motion was the perfect medium to portray human homogenization.

A year and change after obtaining the mechanical license, I finally had a run of a few completely open days that I could sit down, build my "set," and shoot.

This is my first attempt at stop-motion, and I learned a tremendous amount in the process (non-reflective clothing, obsessive white-balancing, manual lenses ONLY, patience). I mainly work with live subject matter so this was a huge divergence.

I would love your thoughts. Check it out:

Thank you!
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