Stop Motion Using 3M Post-Its and Iphone 5s

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Stop Motion Using 3M Post-Its and Iphone 5s

Postby john rich » Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:13 pm

Post-it featured this video on the front page of their facebook page!

Our small team came together during Start-up Weekend in Bloomington, IN and built a fun business model for using personality traits to create the best work groups, called Work Harmony. Placing 2nd, we then had to submit a 60 second video for the Global Start-up Battle.

3M had graciously provided a TON of material for our use over the weekend, including a product we had never seen called a 'Big Pad'. Returning from a non-stop 56 hours of start-up creation, the extra materials we brought home provided a unique backdrop, as we concepted, wrote, & filmed this piece, working through the night over a 12-hour period. The attempt was to make a variation on 'whiteboard' style animations (such as those seen on, but using 3M's Post-it Big Pad's to create a movable, and variable style of canvas for our illustrator, Marco. 2 weeks of editing was put in by Ross on the post-production, as animating all of these assets is time consuming and very detailed. Since then we've been using 3M Big Pads way more than our whiteboards to storyboard, build business model canvases, and more.

Completing an intensive project always feels good, and we're proud to display a product of the Work Harmony of our very own Team. Thanks for watching! :)
Work Harmony Logo source:
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