Some questions about a youth centre project

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Some questions about a youth centre project

Postby Sheik Yerbouti » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:57 am

Hi there,

I work in youth center and we are making a stop motion/trickbox project come january. Now, I found this page and maybe you guys can help me with a couple of questions:

1) What is the best free software for stop motion movies for beginners (if there is one).
Money is scarce (as you all know :D ), even more so if you work in a youth center. So freeware is where it´s at. Furthermore, neither me nor any of the kids here have ever dealt with stop motion before so a piece of software that is relatively intuitive would be much appreciated. However, I read in the other thread about stop motion software that the freeware are more difficult to use ecause of apps and codecs with which I am not very proficient.

2) What is a realistic goal for a first movie? It needs to be short enough so the kids can see what they´ve created asap. They mostly have socially difficult backgrounds and concentration spans are not infinite. Nor is patience. I even think about using the theme of the recycling-competition. That´d have the advantage of providing a theme beforehand that is broad enough to be creative while somewhat structuring the whole business. 2-3 Minutes is probably a lot for the first time, though, but your input is very much appreciated.

3) As there will be little work related to scenery and models I think a brick movie would be best suited for this occasion. Maybe, if the kids are sufficiently motivated thereafter, we can advance from there. Is that assumption correct? Are there any serious restraints in working with lego?

4) I have no idea how many kids will show up for this. And how many people can work on a movie at a time anyway?

And please excuse any mistakes as English is not my mother tongue...
Sheik Yerbouti
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Re: Some questions about a youth centre project

Postby zorg » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:53 am

Sorry one got back to you on this one.

Monkey jam is good but can be troublesome. It is not that easy to use. You have to be prepared to work at it ..and have a good handle on codecs etc.

It might be worth negotiating with a stop motion software provider for some easy to use software.

Best of luck with it.
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