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Lighting - The Basics        (For a more sophisticated lighting setup Click Here)

brickfilm lighting Day Light only - but not direct sunlight - south facing room - sunny day - near a window.


You have to be careful if you are using daylight to light up your set. Firstly do not use direct sunlight i.e. a shaft of sunlight coming in the window. Because it will rarely be constant, moving across the sky will change its intensity and shadows from clouds etc. will result in varying light on your set. This will result in a disastrous effect when you play your frames back. It will really lose the illusion you are trying to create.

If you do use daylight then be really careful !

Day Light only - but not direct sunlight - blinds closed - near a window - daytime ambient light only. You can get away with this setup as long as you watch out again for variations in light during the day. Don't get caught out with gradual dimming of light intensity as the day heads in to evening and then having to turn on a lamp..eek..then your whole scene lighting will change in the middle of you story!
Blinds closed - ambient daylight only - Lights on in room centre light and lamp on directed toward scene. Probably the best solution using lamps. And I say lamps eventhough there is only one lamp used in the scene shown here. You can avoid the shadow shown here by using a second lamp on the left hand side if you wish.



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