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See how clay characters are made by the professional claymation animators. More…


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Free Stop Motion Animation Software Downloads and Trials


Click Name to Download  Some Notes File Size

iKITMovie Stop Motion



2,200 Sound FX included

Audio support for WAV and MP3 files.

Import images etc.

Easy to use


Trial Download for limited 10 uses.

Unique software at this level in that it allows any number of sounds ,voiceover and music to be added to your stop motion movie. ( Recommended )





The 30-day evaluation version is a fully-functioning version of the software. Your 30 days begin the first day you use the software. Once the 30-day trial has expired, it cannot be reloaded and time will not be extended.

You may be contacted by a representative of Tech4Learning, Inc. to follow up on your download and to answer any questions you might have.
Monkey Jam 3 Beta  

New Features
Audio support for WAV and MP3 files.
Audio scrubbing in Xsheet and Preview.
Export AVI with audio.
Dialog markup.
Keyboard shortcuts (+/-,1-9) for changing image duration.
Improved Scanner interface.
Better support for PAL resolutions.
Import images to new layer option.
Drawing duration change shortcuts.
New Windows installer.
Option to re-name drawing in Xsheet and file on harddrive at same time.
Option in Xsheet to edit image in program of choice.
Full second preview in stop motion capture mode.
Full size image viewer in Xsheet.
Support for non-English translations (Latin-1 characterset only).

StopMotionPro Trial  

Download Tips
You may need Microsoft DirectX v9 if it is not installed on your machine. We suggest installing and running the Stop Motion Pro Trial first, as it will alert you if DirectX is missing. The correct version of DirectX can be downloaded from here.
Depending on your browser configuration, sometimes the downloaded file will be saved as setup_stopmotionpro.1.2D0D17.efw. Rename the file to setup_stopmotionpro.exe, then run the application.

Important information about the trial version!
The purpose of the free trial version is to let you test your hardware to ensure it is compatible with Stop Motion Pro. The trial version of Stop Motion Pro lets you export frames and experience all the functionality of the software. There is a resolution limit of 800 x 600 pixels on the free trial.

The Stop Motion Pro trial has the words "Stop Motion Pro Trial" burned into every frame. It is not possible to remove this text in animation you have filmed with the trial. 
When you purchase Stop Motion Pro we send you a serial number that lets you download a different version which does not have this water-mark text in it

Animaatiakone 1.1 Trial 1. Download and install the software
Click the link on the left to download Animaatiokone Studio Installer. After the download finishes, run it to install the software on your hard drive.

Download Animaatiokone Studio 1.1.0 >>
(runs 30 days without activation code)

Download Animaatiokone Studio Beta 1.2.1 >>
(Beta with better performace, HD video and now runs on Windows Vista in safe mode without sound)



Stop Motion Maker Trial  

Stop MotionMaker HDMI has just the essential controls/functions required for a good framegrabber plus the ability to capture images from the new HDMI capable video cameras via a ‘Black Magic’ interface card.

Always use the trial applications to test our products with your expected hardware setup before purchasing the full product.


ANIMATORDV SIMPLE+ Free for any use (no watermarks or limitations, see comparison)


StoryBoard Pro  

Atomic Learning's FREE Video StoryBoard Pro is designed to give teachers, students, and home movie makers a tool to plan ahead when creating video projects. It features the ability to:

Enter shot titles and descriptions, complete with planned lengths and edited order.
Indicate shot types: video, still, audio, music, or titles.
Enter film tips for your camera person when videotaping the shot and editing tips to be used when editing in iMovie, Movie Maker 2, Final Cut Pro, Premeire, or any other editor of your choice.
Import existing video clips, still pictures, and sounds to better illustrate each shot.
Create, save, and import templates for video projects.
Print copies of your storyboard for use while filming or editing.
Print blank storyboard worksheets for brainstorming new ideas.
NEW: Shot tips that link to online Atomic Learning Library sample video clips.



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