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Some really cool characters can be made from clay..browse our gallery collection here... More…


Stop Motion Central Clay Animation - The Basics

Clay Animation

Clay Only Animation - No Armature

Some excellent stop motion animation with clay can be made without using any armature (internal frame). Even human or animal characters can be created and move reasonably convincingly without internal skeletons. Also the art of stop motion with clay of abstract or non human or animal characters can be very entertaining.


Click here to see how to make these (tutorials) and examples.




Clay and Armature - Do you need it to make an Animation?

A definition of  Stop Motion armature :

"Armature in stop motion animation is a skeleton type frame used to give support or rigidity to clay or other malleable material. The skeletal frame will normally have ball and socket or hinged joints or readily bendable joints in the case of a wire armature to mimic the joints (elbows , knees, neck etc.) of human or animal figures. Thus in the case of clay the weight of the clay is supported by the armature"


Click here to see how an armature is put together.




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