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BrickFilm Tutorials

LEGO® Custom MiniFigs

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So first things first lets start by animating a minifigure character walking. Make sure you have read the lighting section and best cameras section on the site to get the best results.

Brickfilm Tutorials and How To's   -  The Basics of Walking Method 1   -   Alternatively see Method 2

Step 1



Set your frame grabbing software to 15fps

Now take 2 snapshots / frames

Resolution 640x480




(Click here to see how this looks when complete!)

Step 2


Raise one leg and the opposite arm as shown

Then take 2 snapshots or frames in this position




Step 3



Move the character slightly forward so that his legs are in the position shown

Take 3 frames in this position




Step 4



Take 2 frames in this position




Step 5



Take 3 frames in this position and repeat from step 4 with other foot..






Click here to see how this looks!


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