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     Running Brickman

Brickfilm Method 2


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Brickfilm Tutorials and How To's   -  The Basics of  "Running"  Method 2   -   Alternatively see Method 1

Step 1



Set your frame grabbing software to 15fps

Now take 1 snapshot / frame

You should ensure that you lean your character forward to emphasize forward motion.

Resolution 640x480


(Click here to see how this looks when complete!)


Step 2


Raise one leg and the opposite arm as shown and lean him forward.

Then take 1 snapshot or frame in this position




Step 3



Move the character slightly forward so that his legs are in the position shown but also move his arms quite high..higher than you would when you are making him walk.

Take 1 frame in this position




Step 4


Lean your character in to the peg under his right foot.

Take 1 frame or snaphot in this position.


Step 5



Take 1 frame in this position with his arms moving down













Click here to see how this looks!


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