The Twilight (Eclipse) blockbuster movie released this weekend will provide the backdrop to an educational cartoon from Cumbria in the UK , urging learners in school to overcome obstacles.

Twilight: Eclipse, the multi-million dollar vampire franchise, hits Cinemas.

And its first appearance in Carlisle, Cumbria will be accompanied by another premiere – Vampy’s Choice, the latest animation from Cumbrian multi-media artist Louise Kneath and screenwriter partner Ian Gilbertson.

Louise, 24, created a series of ghoulish characters called The Creeps to urge learners to overcome obstacles on their way to getting a valuable higher education.

“We’re really excited about this new short film as it takes the Vampy character in another direction,” said Louise.

“It pokes fun at the rivalry in Twilight: Eclipse between Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire for the hand of a girl called Bella.

“I’ve given it an unexpected twist which is a bit of a shock for Vampy who is the ‘Bella’ of my film.”

The film – and a second one by Ian parodying the horror hit film  “Paranormal Activity” – were commissioned by Cumbria Higher Learning after the the success of five shorter cartoons which Louise created in 2009.

Louise, a local graduate in multimedia design and digital animation, created five 30-second animations that will be on YouTube from October 31. Vampy’s Choice adds a new addition to the series.

Louise added: “After launching them on the internet at Halloween the feedback was incredible.”

“A school’s drama students even used the characters in a live play for their exams.”

Helen Gudgeon, of Cumbria Higher Learning, said Louise and Ian’s animations have breathed new life into higher education campaigns.

“So much traditional marketing materials can be very dated and off-putting,” she said.

“These animations are fun, lively, quirky and likely to appeal to a young audience.”