Coldplay just released (August 2nd 2009)  their new music video to their song “Strawberry Swing”. It uses some very cool stop motion animation.

The stop motion features Chris Martin on a large blackboard floor with chalk drawings making up the scenes, backdrops and drawn characters. It was directed by a group of visual artists that go by the name “Shynola“. Originally formed in 1994 while at college in London (Gideon Baws, Chris Harding, Richard Kenworthy and Jason Groves), they have collaborated on a number of well known music videos. (Gideon Baws died due to Viral myocarditis on October 11th, 2008. He was 33.)

Chris Martin spent a week in Los Angeles making the stop motion.

The animators used a guide “pre-made” animation to recreate the scenes with Chris lying on a large blackended floor. The drawings are all sketched around Chris as he moves frame by frame inline with the Directors instruction as they use the premade animated version as a guide.

Richard Kenworthy (Kenny) mentions in an interview on the Colplay site..

we had pretty much all of the animation roughly blocked-out beforehand using computers. It was just a matter of taking one frame at a time with our grid for reference. Luckily, you only need to draw or rub out the bits that have moved since the last frame. We also had this cool portable monitor while filming, which showed you a live feed from the camera, blended with the previous take and our pre-vis.”

The finished result of a lot of hard stop motion work is only officially for release in cinema by the way..but here it is courtesy of YouTube