Uncle Creepy returns in stop motion!

In 1966 Warren publishing introduced a group of three horror comics (in magazine format to avoid censorship) called, Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella. The comics were in black and white with the exception of the front covers designed by renowned graphic designer such as Williamson, Crandall, Evans, Angelo Torres, Gray Morrow, Joe Orlando, John Severin and Frazetta. The series ran for nearly 18 years.

In 2007 Craig Haffner founded “New Comic Company LLC”  and purchased the rights to the Creepy and Eerie magazines. Craig who is a fan of Ray Harryhausen approached the Chiodo brothers to produce a stop motion video for the launch of his new Creepy Comic first edition at Comic Con in July 2009. Chiodo brothers are best known for the puppet producers on hit movie Team America and the stop motion producers in Will Ferrell’s Elf.

Below is the result of that work..

Executive producer and written by Craig Haffner and Dan Braun, Stop motion animation by Chiodo Bros. Production Inc., Stephen, Edward and Charles Chiodo. Stephen directed the short stop motion “ad” and used green screen or chroma keying for some of the backdrops.

Below you can see the main set with green screen in the background. The shape and layout of the set make it easier for the animators to move around the character.

John Deall created an intricate armature for the face to allow facial expressions. The effect is very interesting as you can see in the clip above.

Haffner hopes to create a number of 3 minute shorts featuring Uncle Creepy for internet release in the near future.  Let’s hope it’s not too long. It looks very exciting indeed.