Brickfilms website is home to hundreds if not thousands of stop motion animations made with LEGO® bricks. Nathan Wells is a longstanding member of that community and some of his brickfilms are held in very high regard by that community. I would echo that sentiment and have one paticular brickfilm he completed in early summer 2007 called Driven that is excellent..

Copyright Nathan Wells (One Brick Studios)

The camera work, lighting, sound  all excellent ..well worth the 5 minutes to view.

Nathan has moved over to BricksInMotion now because of the commercialisation of Brickfilms dot com website.


Then there one of the very first stop motion LEGO® animations called “Portal” by Lindsay Fleay. Lindsay created in Perth, Western Australia between the years of 1985 and 1989!

Lindsay Fleay's "Portal"

Lindsay Fleay's Portal Brickfilm

Here is a link to the movie.. and website..

A very modern brickfilm from  Keshen (youtube name) Custard Productions called “Legolibrium 2”  The action sequence here is a stop motion take on the Matrix. Smooth movement..good effects and music etc.