I just finished watching Resident Evil Degeneration on DVD, the first full-length Resident Evil film in CG. I hadn’t watched a CGI file of this type in some time so I was interested to see if thing had improved in terms of the quality of animation. I have to say I was disappointed.

The good..

The non human / inanimate CG aspects were top notch. For example the vehicles, guns, helicopters, buildings, scenery were all excellent. Also the character movement such as walking, running was in general very good.

The bad..

The faces are just not there yet. The idea behind this style of CG is to make thinks as realistic as possible. But when it comes to the facial expressions and the mouth especially, CG is just not there yet.

The last full CG movie I willingly watched was far better when it came to facial expression. The mouths always looks too stiff when they spoke. It was very “off-putting”. Also the hair was overdone in this movie. It was always perfect and shiny…way over the top. It was also amusing at times ..the two main female characters boobies increased in size from one scene to the next. “I know” I noticed..lol. Another strange then I noticed was the elbows on the hero “Leon” where too thick..bizarre.

Ok..now I am moaning a bit. It was relatively good overall. But I thought to myself that they could have done a better job on the mouth and lip sync. If Nick Parks can do it with a lump of clay ..then a dozen or so programmers should have been able to also. So I think it made me appreciate quality stop motion even more.

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