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Animation Genius – Nick Park Interview

I came across a nice interview with Nick Park about; what was at the time the upcoming release of “A Matter of Loaf and Death”.  Another classic stop motion animation by Nick destined for the animation hall of fame. I have transcribed the interview for you to browse here. It is from the BBC Culture Show transmitted on the 5 of December 2010. I could not make out some of the words in the interview so bare with me…they may be left blank. “Interviewer: Welcome to the show Nick. Nick: Ah, great to be here. Interviewer: For the audience and everyone in the studio can you give us a bit of insight about what it’s about? Nick: Well, it’s um, we thought we’d really write a kind of romance really. This time what’s original about it is it’s now a romance for the dogs as well – Gromit’s actually got a girlfriend as well. Interviewer: Wow, well actually, we’ve been joined by some of the cast. Nick: We have, yes. I: Can you introduce us? N: Yeah, well, you probably know these two guys – this is Wallace and Gromit. And this is Wallace’s new love interest Paealla Bakewell, but she also has a little pooch, the lovely Fluffels. Person Number 3: The thing that I loved about the Matter of Loaf and Death which has been, the case of all of the Wallace and Gromit stuff, it’s incredibly cinematic. You make these animations look like properly lived big screen films. N: Yeah, I mean, it was a new thing for us […]
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Happy Anniversary Wallace and Gromit

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wallace & Gromit, the webmasters over on the W&G website asked members of the website to submit their questions to Nick Park. Twenty of the top questions were selected and put to Nick in a special video interview shot in the new Aardman cinema! Here is a transcript of the questions. Check out the video below for the answers! What was your inspiration behind creating Wallace and Gromit? Do any of your characters represent your own personality and if so which one? What Wallace and Gromit animation is your favourite and why? Did you think Wallace and Gromit would be so popular and what was it like winning your first Oscar? I was browsing on the internet and saw a topic about you planning a second movie, is this true? I have always wondered what age Wallace and Gromit are, do you know yourself , or do you think it is better not to say? Are there any plans to bring back Fluffles? How did you get the idea of a penguin being the villain? What made you decide that Gromit didn’t need a mouth? Why did you change Gromits appearance after a Grand Day Out? I always wanted to know how did the cooker get up to the moon, and why it was coin operated? Are there any new animation techniques you would like to learn and develop? Did you take any courses or was it just something you just picked up naturally? What is the greatest advice you have ever received in regards to animation? Given your existing use of animals in your work what is your favorite animal? Have you ever thought of giving up animation and moving in to something else? Before you became an animator did you want to do […]

Nick Park -Some Thoughts on His Early Stop Motion Animations

I have to say that I am more a fan of Nick Parks early stop motion animation movies than for example the more recent Chicken Run. Nick was born in 1958 (he has four brothers and one sister) in Preston, England and wanted to be an inventor more than an animator. Something that is quiet evident from Wallace’s inventions in all his animations. His very first animation was a flipbook type animation which he spent a few days labouring over and sent to the photographers labs for developing ..but never got it back. He was 12 at the time. He then moved on to a character he created in cartoon (drawn form) called Walter the rat.  Nick’s mother was  a dress maker. She helped him to make cutout characters of felt fabric for “Rat and The Beanstalk”, a 1 minute stop motion animation, his first real movie. He admits making the classic mistake in this early movie that all new animators make of filming in daylight. You can see the image changing light level over the day long shoot during the movie. Later on when Nick when to college he came up with the Wallace and Gromit characters. He invited Aardman’s co-founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton to come and guest lecture at the college. Nick used some of his own budget to pay for their lecture.         [caption id=”attachment_62″ align=”alignright” width=”268″ caption=”Nicks First Studio Room […]
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