Taking a break for a couple of days from StopMotion animation here in Co Clare Ireland at the world famous Dromoland castle. It’s a real escape from reality. You drive onto the 410 acres of landscaped grounds and feel like you are entering a different world. We have visited Dromoland castle every Easter for the last seven years and always look forward to it. Dromoland Castle is a famous baronial castle in Ireland. It was the ancestral home of the O’Brien family , Barons of Inchiquin. The O Brien’s were  one of the few native Irish families of royal blood and are direct descendants of Brian Boroimhe ( Brian Boru  941-1014 A decendent of Milesus King of Spain no less) High King (Cheiftan) of Ireland in the eleventh century. The main part of the castle that remains today is built of blue limestone, with its high Gothic-styled grey stone walls. There has been a stronghold here since 1002 AD but it was rebuilt and designed by the Pain brothers in 1600 approximately by the then famous architects of that period. The castle was built by the then Lord of Dromoland, Sir Edward O’Brien, 4th Baronet, at a cost of £80,000. This was a very large amount even at the time (Georgian)..mostly because of the cost of cutting and hauling its stone from a nearby quarry on the Dromoland Estate. The O’Briens kept the property and lands right up to the middle of the 1940’s, however the then Lord Inchiquin sold the castle, along with some 330 acres of surrounding land, and the hunting and fishing rights to Mr. Bernard McDonough, an American industrialist, whose grandparents were born […]