Stop Motion competition Announced by Bricksinmotion

Stop Motion Brickfilms Webmaster Philip Heinrich recently announced a very cool stop motion animation competition. As far as I can make out it is being run by Jared B. Gilbert aka LegoGod, a moderator on Bricksinmotion. I have copied his text here to help out in advertising the competition. Make sure to enter.! The stop motion competition is titled “BricksinMotion 2012 – Kitchen Sink” Here are the details. As an animator you have probably thrown out perfectly good ideas so that a single, cohesive film can be made. There never seems to be room for a killer robot named Larry or a dog that eats bricks. These cool ideas that pop into your head halfway through filming might burn you out, slow down the process and make you stop animating altogether because your film can NEVER keep up with your imaginings. If your scripts are a bunch of cross outs and ink-rimmed holes, this might be the contest for you. What if you didn’t have to throw your ideas out? I know you’re thinking the film would become bloated and unwatchable while the laughter and hate from online posters would send you running. But that’s where the INTERACTIVE video comes in to save your butt. You can animate all of those cool ideas and “what-ifs” and allow the viewer to make their own film. What comes next is a unique experience and an entertaining one at that. THEME: If you have heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” in your lifetime you know that it refers to a large amount of something. Well, this contest offers you the kitchen sink (which is everything) and asks you: “What are you going to do with it?” Entrants will be required to make an […]

Stop Motion Collectible – Robot Chicken

Early in July this year ( 2010) , fans of stopmotion action figure animated television programming heard on the grapevine that their favorite show that is to say Robot Chicken!, was finally getting a set of collectible playthings based on the series most popular characters. Likewise, we also hinted at an exclusive “Nerd” figure that would be available at the San Diego Comic-Con, which brings us to the present, and our first look at that mysterious plastic masterpiece.   From the folks at Jazwares and Cartoon Network Enterprises comes the Toys “R” Us exclusive Robot Chicken “Convention Nerd” action figure, available only at Comic-Con and (starting July 21) via‘s collectibles store. “Convention Nerd,” (honestly, guys — that’s like calling a figure “Hospital Doctor”) comes complete with a top hat, sandwich, Adult Swim swag bag, a Comic-Con 2010 t-shirt (armpit stains not included) and, of course, a jar of Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise. Fans clamoring for “Convention Nerd” should head over to the Entertainment Earth booth (booth #2343) with $20 in hand, and if you’re really looking to up the eBay value, you can have the figure signed by show creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, appearing at the Entertainment Earth booth on Friday, July 23 between 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Naturally, the figure will be limited, so true fans will want to hop on this fast because, after all, who wouldn’t want a small, plastic version of their inner-selves as a desk toy?

Twilight Animation – Spoof

The Twilight (Eclipse) blockbuster movie released this weekend will provide the backdrop to an educational cartoon from Cumbria in the UK , urging learners in school to overcome obstacles. Twilight: Eclipse, the multi-million dollar vampire franchise, hits Cinemas. And its first appearance in Carlisle, Cumbria will be accompanied by another premiere – Vampy’s Choice, the latest animation from Cumbrian multi-media artist Louise Kneath and screenwriter partner Ian Gilbertson. Louise, 24, created a series of ghoulish characters called The Creeps to urge learners to overcome obstacles on their way to getting a valuable higher education. “We’re really excited about this new short film as it takes the Vampy character in another direction,” said Louise. “It pokes fun at the rivalry in Twilight: Eclipse between Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire for the hand of a girl called Bella. “I’ve given it an unexpected twist which is a bit of a shock for Vampy who is the ‘Bella’ of my film.” The film – and a second one by Ian parodying the horror hit film  “Paranormal Activity” – were commissioned by Cumbria Higher Learning after the the success of five shorter cartoons which Louise created in 2009. Louise, a local graduate in multimedia design and digital animation, created five 30-second animations that will be on YouTube from October 31. Vampy’s Choice adds a new addition to the series. Louise added: “After launching them on the internet at Halloween the feedback was incredible.” “A school’s drama students even used the characters in a live play for their exams.” Helen Gudgeon, of Cumbria Higher Learning, said Louise and Ian’s animations have breathed new life into higher education […]

Stop Motion Competition

A competition has been announced by the makers of stop motion movie ” A town called Panic” Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar The text of their announcement is shown below. Dear Animators, In celebration of the launch of our new stop-motion animated film, A Town Called Panic, Zeitgeist Films is holding a stop-motion video contest open to beginners and experts alike! The winning film will be included as a special feature on all A Town Called Panic DVDs released in the U.S., as well as on the film’s website. Videos must be loosely created around the theme of “panic”, and should be a maximum of three minutes. They will be judged mainly on creativity and content, but craft will certainly not be disregarded. This contest is a great way for you to have a chance to be exposed and critiqued by the widely acclaimed animators of A Town Called Panic, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar! Full details on entry requirements, prizes, and submission dates are available via the film’s website, on our fan Page or by following A Town Called Panic is opening at Film Forum in New York on December 16 for two weeks only before opening around the country. See for other playdates around the country in 2010, and for updates as more dates are announced. We look forward to seeing your ideas come to life!
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Stop Motion Montreal Film Festival

I have just finished putting up some information about the launch of the Montreal Stop Motion animation film festival. This is its first year. It will run from October 24th to the 25th. Erik Goulet is behind this ambitious project. Erik worked with SoftImage ( the CGI software from AutoDesk) as a software demonstrator for a number of years before taking up a position with University Concordia in Monteal, Canada. It’s great to hear about the efforts of those passionate about stop motion from around the world. The festival includes a competition in a number of categories..namely.. Professional: films commissioned or produced with funds Independent: films produced in an independent setting with or without subsidiaries Academic: the film has been made in an academic environment as part of a course or as an assignment. Read more about it here and spread the word !
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Stop Motion Blog Design Change

Not much today guys..just decided to change my blog design /theme from the default to Tropicala by Goro. His theme is clean, stylish and looks good. I hope you like the new look and come back to check out my post tomorrow.
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Breaking News – Free Stop Motion Magazine Launched!

John Ikuma – Culver City, California has just launched a free online stop motion magazine called Stop Motion. It’s free. Who is John Ikuma? John is a lifelong stop motion enthusiast. By his own admission he favors old school animation. John worked as an intern on American stop motion animated television series “Robot Chicken”. John has also worked on visual effects for the movie “Hired Gun” John got the inspiration from a 1979 special effects (including stop motion) magazine called “Starlog Cinemagics” . It featured photo illustrated “how to” articles on make-up, miniatures, set building, stop-motion animation and optical effects for the 8mm and 16mm amature fantasy film maker, with step by step instructions on building stop-motion armatures, mold making and prosthetics, creating traveling matts and much more. It only ran for 11 issues by the way beginning 1979 before it was sold to Starlog Press who ran it for a further 37 issues until 1987. So after some deliberation John launched his magazine this month. We want to give John a plug here for his efforts in launching his Magazine. It has a range of interviews and a number of very good tutorials. Simple Wire rig constuction for example for the beginner on a budget. Contratulations John and I hope many people subscribe and download the magazine. Get your copy here now.. Click to Download
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After a year or so, the website is taking early retirement. Due to an issue with an alleged trademark infringement we have decided to move to a new domain The legomation site was a success as far as we can make out..we got plenty of visitors and held a successful stop motion brickfilm competition. We had feedback from those new to stop motion saying that the site helped them to get started. They said the brickfilm tutorials were clear and easy to follow. The new site we have decided to branch out a bit by including all types of stop motion such as claymation ( clay animation ) 2D animation etc. while keeping the brickfilm or legomation side of things going also. We also have started a WIKI – called StopMoPedia.  It will be cover all you need to know about stop motion animation in a wiki format. So get editting and add an entry. So I hope you visit us and join the forum, visit our blog and our new WikiPedia called “StopMoPedia”.
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