We visited a number of schools this week promoting stop motion animation as an ICT supplementary teaching aide. There was a common theme that we noticed in the way that the teachers and students reacted to the whole process. In general the students were very enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to get started. The teachers on the other hand took a little longer to both grasp the concept with 22 students rushing to get started and grasp it’s appicability to their respective coursework.

But once they were given a few examples of some work that students had done in other school they were sold on the whole concept.

We also noted that teachers while trying to be helpful were in some cases stifling childrens imagination by trying to overly control the whole process. Animation is simple and should not get in the way of imagination. I was reminded of the song “So many colors in the Rainbow” …and children do see every one and more..

But in one regard I would agree with the need for some organisation and discipline. A story board is a must when animating in a group. Assigning roles is also important. But once that is established the imagination of children should not be impaired by the rigid structure of traditional teaching methods.

Some children worked enthusiastically on set building while others made characters out of clay.  There is something for everyone in the process. Once filming began concentration levels focused keenly on the work at hand.  In this instance we used iKITMovie stopmotion animation software.

They plan to make a number of movies in the coming weeks and post them on a YouTube channel. Once they have I will put the link to them here.