Using Stop Motion Software , lego bricks , and a Canon DSLR plus the usual hundreds of hours of animation KooberzStudios aka Alex Kobbs has created an epic Brickfilm called Battle of The Brick. Over 230,000 views since he uploaded it to Youtube in November 2011 Alex has proven his brickfilm was worth the effort. Based on Halo and the capture the flag, Alex has captured the fun in the well known Microsoft Game. Alex Kobbs, is a professional animator and brickfilmer. He graduated from Fitchburg State College’s MA in the US. He followed a well regarded film program at Fitchburg. Alex migrated to stop motion animation back in 2007. His Lego Wii short entitled Lego Wii Some Assembly Required, posted back in June 2007 has had 5.5 million views as of the current date. It was was his entry for the Nintendo Shortcuts Showcase contest. Kobbs’ next youtube hit was the aforementioned Lego Zanzibar model (a scale model of a multi-player level from the Halo 2 computer game). Again the stop motion movie became one of the most popular videos amongst HALO fans,  even making an appearance  on major game-news sites and earning a spot on the Halo 3 Legendary Edition DVD. On his Battle of the Brick video Alex, in some scenes prefers to create his  special fx using a more “arts and crafts” type approach. Rather than using post production explosions and muzzle flashes etc, once he has captured his still using his stop motion software ..Alex puts in cotton wool , scraps of painted paper etc to achieve quite a convincing effect. His epic stop motion is […]