I came across a nice interview with Nick Park about; what was at the time the upcoming release of “A Matter of Loaf and Death”.  Another classic stop motion animation by Nick destined for the animation hall of fame. I have transcribed the interview for you to browse here. It is from the BBC Culture Show transmitted on the 5 of December 2010. I could not make out some of the words in the interview so bare with me…they may be left blank. “Interviewer: Welcome to the show Nick. Nick: Ah, great to be here. Interviewer: For the audience and everyone in the studio can you give us a bit of insight about what it’s about? Nick: Well, it’s um, we thought we’d really write a kind of romance really. This time what’s original about it is it’s now a romance for the dogs as well – Gromit’s actually got a girlfriend as well. Interviewer: Wow, well actually, we’ve been joined by some of the cast. Nick: We have, yes. I: Can you introduce us? N: Yeah, well, you probably know these two guys – this is Wallace and Gromit. And this is Wallace’s new love interest Paealla Bakewell, but she also has a little pooch, the lovely Fluffels. Person Number 3: The thing that I loved about the Matter of Loaf and Death which has been, the case of all of the Wallace and Gromit stuff, it’s incredibly cinematic. You make these animations look like properly lived big screen films. N: Yeah, I mean, it was a new thing for us […]