I found a very interesting computer game under development called “Cletus Cay” that uses our favorite form of animation – stop motion. It’s a very unique approach to gaming using stop motion in this way. The lead artist and designer of Cletus Clay gives some excellent insight in to how this stop motion method was designed in to the game using clay ( Claymation) characters and set props. I have reproduced his interview below from YouTube. The InterView – Behind the Scenes – The Making of Cletus Clay Hi, I am Anthony Flack. I am the lead artist and designer of Cletus Clay. Why are you making a game out of clay? I started out making regular stop motion, animation for TV video. When I started making games, it seemed a good way to make sprite games. It was a good method that I had for making 2D sprites. But what we’re doing now is quite lot more complicated than that. And it has become more about the challenge of how close can we get to create a convincing illusion of the stop motion animation, as opposed to using conventional CG methods. I think the in building the models by hand and photographing them in a way that captures the little idiosyncrasies of the model. It gives the whole look of the thing, an intimacy I guess, that people respond to like they respond to a handmade thing. What is the process? So, this is the process that we go through in order to create our models […]