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Animation – Despicable Me!

Refreshingly we have a studio that is bold enough to make a super villain the lead character in a film, especially an animation for children. Let me introduce you the the very excellent new animation in 3D of course  “Despicable Me”. This is a ploy that plays on the notion that children are more fascinated with the villain in a film than they are a goody two shoes superhero. “Despicable Me” is the first but will not even be the last animated film this year to place a super villain in the lead. Later this year Will Ferrell will voice headline another evil-doer story, “Megamind.” But to call these characters really is a farce when you get down to it. In “Despicable Me” Steve Carrell voices Gru who has the physicality of a James Bond villain from the Sean Connery era but seems to be as threatening as a kitten when it comes to personality. To further humanize Gru three orphan girls are placed in his care as part of an evil scheme. The interaction between Gru Margot, Edith and Agnes achieves this in terms of character and is also satisfying in terms of entertainment. That being said, however, Gru’s minions are what every kid, and even most of the parents, will be talking about after they see this film. I would say that they are what everyone will be quoting but they speak their own sped up minion language that is difficult to understand, let alone translate. But you do not have to understand the minions to get the full effect. Think three stooges, only there are hundreds of […]

Stop Motion Collectible – Robot Chicken

Early in July this year ( 2010) , fans of stopmotion action figure animated television programming heard on the grapevine that their favorite show that is to say Robot Chicken!, was finally getting a set of collectible playthings based on the series most popular characters. Likewise, we also hinted at an exclusive “Nerd” figure that would be available at the San Diego Comic-Con, which brings us to the present, and our first look at that mysterious plastic masterpiece.   From the folks at Jazwares and Cartoon Network Enterprises comes the Toys “R” Us exclusive Robot Chicken “Convention Nerd” action figure, available only at Comic-Con and (starting July 21) via‘s collectibles store. “Convention Nerd,” (honestly, guys — that’s like calling a figure “Hospital Doctor”) comes complete with a top hat, sandwich, Adult Swim swag bag, a Comic-Con 2010 t-shirt (armpit stains not included) and, of course, a jar of Magical Unicorn Mayonnaise. Fans clamoring for “Convention Nerd” should head over to the Entertainment Earth booth (booth #2343) with $20 in hand, and if you’re really looking to up the eBay value, you can have the figure signed by show creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, appearing at the Entertainment Earth booth on Friday, July 23 between 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Naturally, the figure will be limited, so true fans will want to hop on this fast because, after all, who wouldn’t want a small, plastic version of their inner-selves as a desk toy?

Twilight Animation – Spoof

The Twilight (Eclipse) blockbuster movie released this weekend will provide the backdrop to an educational cartoon from Cumbria in the UK , urging learners in school to overcome obstacles. Twilight: Eclipse, the multi-million dollar vampire franchise, hits Cinemas. And its first appearance in Carlisle, Cumbria will be accompanied by another premiere – Vampy’s Choice, the latest animation from Cumbrian multi-media artist Louise Kneath and screenwriter partner Ian Gilbertson. Louise, 24, created a series of ghoulish characters called The Creeps to urge learners to overcome obstacles on their way to getting a valuable higher education. “We’re really excited about this new short film as it takes the Vampy character in another direction,” said Louise. “It pokes fun at the rivalry in Twilight: Eclipse between Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire for the hand of a girl called Bella. “I’ve given it an unexpected twist which is a bit of a shock for Vampy who is the ‘Bella’ of my film.” The film – and a second one by Ian parodying the horror hit film  “Paranormal Activity” – were commissioned by Cumbria Higher Learning after the the success of five shorter cartoons which Louise created in 2009. Louise, a local graduate in multimedia design and digital animation, created five 30-second animations that will be on YouTube from October 31. Vampy’s Choice adds a new addition to the series. Louise added: “After launching them on the internet at Halloween the feedback was incredible.” “A school’s drama students even used the characters in a live play for their exams.” Helen Gudgeon, of Cumbria Higher Learning, said Louise and Ian’s animations have breathed new life into higher education […]