To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wallace & Gromit, the webmasters over on the W&G website asked members of the website to submit their questions to Nick Park. Twenty of the top questions were selected and put to Nick in a special video interview shot in the new Aardman cinema! Here is a transcript of the questions. Check out the video below for the answers! What was your inspiration behind creating Wallace and Gromit? Do any of your characters represent your own personality and if so which one? What Wallace and Gromit animation is your favourite and why? Did you think Wallace and Gromit would be so popular and what was it like winning your first Oscar? I was browsing on the internet and saw a topic about you planning a second movie, is this true? I have always wondered what age Wallace and Gromit are, do you know yourself , or do you think it is better not to say? Are there any plans to bring back Fluffles? How did you get the idea of a penguin being the villain? What made you decide that Gromit didn’t need a mouth? Why did you change Gromits appearance after a Grand Day Out? I always wanted to know how did the cooker get up to the moon, and why it was coin operated? Are there any new animation techniques you would like to learn and develop? Did you take any courses or was it just something you just picked up naturally? What is the greatest advice you have ever received in regards to animation? Given your existing use of animals in your work what is your favorite animal? Have you ever thought of giving up animation and moving in to something else? Before you became an animator did you want to do […]