We decided because of the recessionary times we live in to test out two big name entry level webcameras for under $25 for stop motion use. We have just purchased the Logitech Webcam C200 and the Microsoft VX-1000. We already reviewed the VX-1000 on the stopmtioncentral site some weeks back but we thought it was about time to review the lastest compeditor on the market. MS VX-1000 Versus The Logitech C200 The results are quiet surprising. We did state that the VX-1000 was a very decent webcam for the price. And we still stand by that assertion. However once we ran the same tests on the Logitech C200 it was clear that it was much better. Compare the two images below. The first is from the VX-1000 and the second is from the C200. VX-1000 Image 640×480 Logitech C200 – 640×480 The main difference is in the clarity at close range. The C200 is better. However in fairness to the VX1000 the color is a little truer than the C200. Also the C200 has a easier to use manual focus. The clip on the C200 is also more awkward to secure than the flat base that is on the VX-1000. But when it comes to sharpness of image I would have to come down in favour of the C200. […]