The music is written by Daniel Larsson and the animation was done by Tomas Redigh of the Swedish techno group Rymdreglage, the below stop motion video took over 1,500 hours to complete. It is awe inspiring. When it was picked up online it went viral those shutting their website down because of heavy traffic. It just goes to show originality, creativity and sheer hard work pay off (most of the time). The video reflects on the era of 8 bit computing and the games of that age. They are showing their age (and mine) if they can remember playing those ! While not a techo fan I appreciate the music. They have 44 other songs on their channel which they are encouraging people to listen to. I wonder will it be a case that Rymdreglage end up being called the 8 Bit lego guys and renowned only for that work going forward rather than for their music.