Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann created and directed a mini epic stop motion movie for techno duo  Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman and their song Zombie Zombie back in April 2008. It is a unique piece of stop motion with GI Joe characters ( a favourite toy of the Directors ). While I realise this may not be breaking news for those who have already seen it, I am mentioning it because it I believe has not got enough recognition…(263K views on Youtube). I have seen absolute crap get ten times as many views. So give it a viewing here.   According to the directors the mini movie pays homage to John Carpenters movie “The Thing”. Is homage another word for “knock off” , not sure. The stop motion is excellent. The sets are really well done. I like it when action man, GI Joes figures are used in stop motion. It evokes memories 😉 As for the music of the french techno duo..I had to mute the sounds after a was getting in to my head..too repetitive.