Pay $9.99 and this booklet will tell you! A stop motion movie recently released by “Regent Releasing” across North America called $9.99 is an adaptation of the short stories by Etgar Keret. The story explores the meaning of life through a booklet costing just $9.99. The booklet grabs the attention of the main character Dave Peck , a 28 year old unemployed guy still living at home. The story centers around a group of individuals in an apartment block who themselves are searching for happiness who are cynical about the booklet that Dave promotes. There is a real mix of characters in this stop motion movie. A retired guy “Albert” has a guardian angel (wings and all) living with him. Albert is basically unhappy with life and looks for a way out to anywhere but here. Ron “the underachiever” has a group of 2 inch tall hard drinking students. Zack, a young boy bribed by his father in to drinking his milk for 50c / glass in order to buy the latest toy ( a soccer kicking wind up toy ). But changes his mind about saving the money to saving the piggy bank “pig” instead as time passes. The movie is directed by Tatia Rosenthal (born 1971 in Tel Aviv, Israel), employed 9 stop motion animators (Daniel Alderson, Yonatan Bereskin, Darren Burgess, Steven Cox, Anthony Elworthy, Jan-Erik Maas, Sharon Parker, Andrew Spilsted and […]