Well to answer that question you have to have some faith. Faith in making a dentist funny. Just Released August 17th 2009 – by Nickelodeon – Glenn Martin D.D.S. Glenn Martin (a dentist), his wife Jackie, children, 11 year old Courtney and teenager Conor and the dog of course “Canine” decide under duress (Dad’ idea) to set off in an RV around the country to reconnect as a family. Stop Motion is alive and well in this sitcom. It’s placed in Nickelodeon’s “Nick at Nite’’ prime-time block. Aimed at tweens and their parents to enjoy together or so the “blurb goes”.  From my viewing of the previews it looks very good indeed. Nice stop motion animation techniques in full use. If I have any gripe about the technique of stop motion used I would have to say its the replacement mouths. They look too much like they are simply stuck on. I know “they are” stuck on but I think more care could have been taken to blend them in to the features of the claymation characters. The stop motion animation style comes from the hands of Eric Fogel. Eric is the guy behind MTV’s edgy stop motion “Celebrity Deathmatch” series. I love that scene in that series where the referee holds up claymation character of Sylvester Stallones hand up after it had been blown off and says..”how many fingers am I holding up?” Anyway back to Glenn Martin. In the first episode Glenn drives the family and their RV to Amish […]