It really goes to show that the animation, be it stop motion brickfilms or claymation is secondary to the story. It’s just the method or technique to get across a good story. It’s never more true than in very simple claymation videos such as¬† Robert Benfer’s (aka KnoxsKorner ) collection of very very funny animations. Take for example the “Pancakes” claymation below… I’m a fan not necessarily because of his expertise at his claymation (although he is very good) but more for his sheer humour. Yes there is a common thread running through his videos. A bunch of clay guys getting in to trouble despite the fact that the danger is staring them in the face. Classic comedy. Forty six thousand plus subscribers agree he is a great comic who happens to use stop motion techiques. So here’s to you ¬†Robert! ..may you get more subs..visit his channel here