Today I played around with layering on Paint.Net.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term “layering” it refers to the placing of images one on top of the other to form two or more layers.  So what can you use this for and how is it applicable to Stop Motion animation. Well for one thing you can make your character ( claymation or lego minifigures ) fly! Below you can see the fruits of my very serious work on this. But joking aside it can be really effective and convincing. I must do a full tutorial on it very soon and put the link here. Brief Tutorial Summary In brief you need a paint program such as my favourite Paint.Net which will allow you to place one image on top of another i.e. layering. You take a photo of you subject (in this case the lego guy) in the various positions including lifting him off the ground with a stick or string or whatever you choose. Then you take a photo of the same scene but with the character removed. Now when you place the image with character over the top of the image of the scene (with no character) you can rub out the rigging / stick or string by using the eraser tool to expose the background…which has no rigging in it.