Today I was actually going to list my top ten favourite funny brickfilms. That’s stop motion animation with LEGO®  bricks for those who are not familiar with the term. But while I was looking back at my favourited brickfilms on YouTube I was reminded of the fact that I never tried the simplest dialogue test with minifigures. That is the method of taking a single snapshot and editing it to paint in a simple open mouth.  So below you see the single snapshot taken of the minifigure guy with his unaltered face – mouth closed. Then I opened the jpeg in Paint.Net (a free alternative to PhotoShop) and simply painted on the mouth (black) to create an open mouth as shown below the image to the left.           Then I imported the two images in to my stop motion software (in this case I used iKITMovie) and copied and pasted the frames back and forth until I have an animated mouth opening and closing in line with my dialogue. It took all of ten minutes to create this little animation. Which is quick in stop motion animation terms.     The result is not bad for a ten minute test. Click here to see the result. I will do a full tutorial on this and put it on the StopMotionCentral site very soon. The video is at the bottom of that page.