I came across a nicely described page on how to make a stop motion armature puppet recently by a guy called Kevin Forbes. It’s a real straight forward no nonsense how to tutorial on creating the puppet on a budget. He kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce some of his tips here. Thanks Kevin. Kevin used plastilina, some hardening clay for eyeballs and teeth, two tubes of plumbers epoxy, two spools of armature (aluminium) wire , some wooden dowels, a plank of wood, some nuts and bolts and some modelling /scupting tools. I like the way Kevin has laid everything out here ready to make is claymation puppet. Really well organised. The first step in the process is making the internal armature.  Kevin uses aluminium wire though he does not specify the gauge. ( Marc Spess sells this type fo wire on his Claymation Website )Normally you use annealed aluminum armature wire 16 or 18 gauge. But I am not sure what he has used here. Either way you begin by winding the wire on itself to form a double layer. Typically you sketch out the character size on a piece of A4 paper and match the stickman to that figure. Kevin shows us his sketch of the below with the stop motion armature completed.  Kevin hot glued the wire together from three double wrapped lengths. One for the legs, one for the body and one for the arms. He also wrapped and glued in a pair of nuts to use for tieing down the feet. There is an alternative this using tie downs and then […]