John Ikuma – Culver City, California has just launched a free online stop motion magazine called Stop Motion. It’s free. Who is John Ikuma? John is a lifelong stop motion enthusiast. By his own admission he favors old school animation. John worked as an intern on American stop motion animated television series “Robot Chicken”. John has also worked on visual effects for the movie “Hired Gun” John got the inspiration from a 1979 special effects (including stop motion) magazine called “Starlog Cinemagics” . It featured photo illustrated “how to” articles on make-up, miniatures, set building, stop-motion animation and optical effects for the 8mm and 16mm amature fantasy film maker, with step by step instructions on building stop-motion armatures, mold making and prosthetics, creating traveling matts and much more. It only ran for 11 issues by the way beginning 1979 before it was sold to Starlog Press who ran it for a further 37 issues until 1987. So after some deliberation John launched his magazine this month. We want to give John a plug here for his efforts in launching his Magazine. It has a range of interviews and a number of very good tutorials. Simple Wire rig constuction for example for the beginner on a budget. Contratulations John and I hope many people subscribe and download the magazine. Get your copy here now.. Click to Download