You may have heard the book by Roald Dahl “The Fantastic Mr Fox has been made in to a stop motion animated movie? The Movie is out on November 13,2009. The trailer I have watched a number of times and then decided to dig out the book and read it again. The Fantastic Mr Fox Trailer My interest in the movie is for two reasons. One that it is stop motion animation, something which I am obviously keen on as I am involved in running but second because I have fond memories of the book. Let me warn you that this story does not end happily! There is no “lived happily ever after” in this critique. From what I have learned about the movie from watching the trailer and reading about it, I fear that the movie has been made in to yet another “dumbed down” please everyone attempt at a blockbuster. The appeal of the original book was that it was a good story number one but also that it was charming. It was a true classic in that it did not try to be hip or cool or fashionable. The movie seems to be the opposite. It tries too hard to be up to date , hip and cool. Making references to fashionable phrases and dialogue. Why! Fashion fades..classics last! An example quote from the movie ” Badger ,,demolitions expert”.. Fox ..”What ! Since when” Another one… “I don’t have a bandit hat but I modified this tube sock” hmmm. This is about as far from the book as you can get. But heh..maybe I should move […]